Thursday, May 30, 2013

1.4 Whooooooaaaaaa, We're Halfway There!

To start off this update, Chuckie had his toddler birthday! Isn't he just a cutie?!

Eliza also had a birthday, officially leaving toddlerhood behind!

Holly popped, announcing the pending arrival of baby #4!

Later that evening, Holly took Chuckie aside to start working on those skills. I legit fell out of my chair laughing at their subject of choice. 

Meanwhile, Eliza proved that age can never break a sisterly bond <3

Stick made sure to get some father-son bonding time in, as well, and began working with Chuckie on his walking.

Holly's sculpting is coming right along, which pleases me :)

I don't have the slightest clue why this picture was important...

...but look! Baby! That has to be the happiest I have ever seen a sim look while giving birth, haha...

It was off to the hospital with her! At home, Eliza was once again putting her genius trait to work by flying through her homework.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital...

Zombie: aaaauuuuugggghhhh braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainssss....

Holly: Oh. Well, that's unfortunate...

Baby: Daddy?!

Nooo, baby...that is NOT your daddy...thank goodness. But, on to the appropriate baby introduction! His name is Eugene, and he was born with the genius and clumsy traits...haha, he's gonna be a nerdy sim just like his daddy!

Which is perfect, because he was named after this clumsy little geek from Hey Arnold, Eugene Horowitz! Hey Arnold was one of my absolute fave tunes...possibly THE fave :)

I don't remember who this horribly styled kid is, but he came home with Eliza that day...

Just as the full moon lighting kicked in, it was time to get right to work on baby #5!

The after effects weren't quite as enjoyable as the actual task, however...


The next afternoon, Holly spent some time in the basement continuing to build her sculpting skill. And, as you can see by her attire, winter has arrived in Aurora Skies!

The official maternity outerwear came that evening. 

Eliza got a phone call...but I don't remember from who. It was important for some reason or another, though! And who is that in the background, you may be wondering?

That would be miss Ginger Stickly! She finally joined her sister in childhood glory!

Yaaay! Holly did an ice sculpture of her hubby :) I wish she could do one of herself...I'd love to create one to put with everyone's pictures in the memorial room :(

Saturday morning dawned, and Eliza rolled the wish to go to the winter festival. She headed straight for the skating rink, looking a little unsteady at first...

It didn't take her long to get the hang of it, though! Soon enough, she was a natural ^_^

Ginger decided to join her sister later, though her activity of choice was the snowboarding station! At this point, I would like to apologize for the lame lack of any pretty snowfall or real wintery elements to these photos. I would love to include the beauty of the snow, but my game can hardly run right as it is without the extra effects...throwing the snow, rain, hail, etc. in just makes my computer sound like it's going to explode. Le sigh :(

The girls (with horribly styled kid in tow) made it home just in time for baby #5 to make its appearance! Also, as you can see, little Eugene's toddler birthday had come and gone. We didn't luck out with the red hair this time, but that's ok. Daddy Stick deserves to have at least one clone of himself too! (*ahem*...I'm talking to YOU, Holly's supergenes!)

Eliza: OMG! Mom's going into LABOR!! What do we do?! We've never seen this happen before!

Stick: What the frack is wrong with you, child?! You've seen this happen three times since you were born...

Ginger: Wow, Eugene looks just like daddy!

Horribly styled kid: But I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here...

Oh...sorry...that was me thinking that, not him...

Guess what, guys! We have our first MULTIPLE birth of the Stickly family! I would like to introduce you to Jazz and Beebe! Don't ask me which is which, I don't remember. I also don't have a clue who came first. Oops.

And for the refresher/introduction, Jazz is named after this cute little redhead, Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton from the show Danny Phantom! I chose to go with Jazz vs. Jasmine cause I'm awesome :P

Meanwhile, Beebe is named after Beebe Bluff from the show Doug! So sorry the picture isn't the best...finding a decent one of her was next to impossible. For some of the youngn's who may be confused, Doug DID initially start out as a Nickelodeon show. Eventually Disney obtained the rights to it and created/continued the series for ABC's One Saturday Morning as well as some regular Disney programming.

And, yes, the arrival of the twins does indicate we have reached (and slightly passed) the halfway mark of this generation! Four more babies to go, and it will be voting time for our generation 2 heir! Given the age gap, I realize that some of the candidates may be babies and/or toddlers yet when the voting opens, which doesn't really showcase a lot to go on. But it is what it is. If it really becomes an issue, I think I'll have two to pick the favorite from babies 1-5, the next to pick from babies 6-10. Then we will have a final battle royale to determine the heir! That's an option, anyway...seems like a little more work than I wanna put into it, but we'll see how it plays out. Until then, happy simming!


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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1.3 Frolicking in Fall

Hello hello! So it's been 3 almost 4 months since my last update. Oops. Forgive me? Let's get right to it!

Here we see that Holly is working on her own portrait right now. She completed it successfully and it was put downstairs next to her hubby's.

Soon after, we were informed that baby #3 was officially on the way! The fact that both Holly and Eliza have the same little smirks on their faces KILLS me. I am dead on the ground. Dead.

Speaking of Eliza, she's coming right along in her skilling. This photo is to show she has mastered the final one, potty training!

You can never have too many photos of cute little sim toddlers sleeping in the baby swing.

Holly took up sculpting. Why? Because I wrote down about 20 random skills and randomly rolled one for her to learn, that's why!

Spooky Day was close to arriving in Aurora Skies, so I sent Holly to pick some pumpkins to carve. Cause having a pregnant woman lifting big, heavy pumpkins is totes safe.

Stick had a legit reason for not helping his wife with the heavy lifting. The fall festival was in town, and there was a haunted house to explore! (This photo can also be called "Stick will be sleeping on the couch tonight!")

As you can see, he was pretty shaken up afterward. Payback's a biatch, isn't it Mr. Stickly?

Back home, Eliza was putting her genius trait to use on the abacus! Look at that intense face of concentration!

Holly got right to work on that pumpkin carving. This is one of my favorite new aspects of the game!

By the next morning, she had successfully carved one unique pumpkin for each member of the family :)

I then sent the family over to the festival to get a fall portrait taken!

It was then time for Ginger's toddler birthday! Once again, the hair color pleases me ^_^

Holly immediately began the skilling process.

It was during this process, of course, that baby #3 decided it wanted to make its entrance into the world! Note Stick's wardrobe! He is making his way up in the journalism career. I can't remember which level he's at in this picture, though.

A trip to the hospital later, and Holly emerged with this little cutie named Chuckie! He was born with the neurotic and loves the cold traits!

For those who are unaware and/or not familiar, Chuckie is named after Chuckie Finster from the classic nicktoon Rugrats! He is my mom's favorite cartoon character, and pretty much the cutest thing in the world :)

Once she returned home and got her little man settled in, Holly went ahead and carved one more pumpkin for the family's newest addition!

Finally, Spooky Day arrived. I decided to dress everyone up for some fun! Stick dressed as a cowplant while Ginger dressed as a cuddly panda. Holly showed her enthusiasm for mermaids coming in Island Paradise, while Eliza took on the persona of the legendary freezer bunny!

The rest of their day was pretty uneventful, but Stick did find some time to rake some leaves because...reasons ;)

The next afternoon, Eliza and Ginger were placed in the playpen for some sisterly bonding. And I, again, died from the cute!

Downstairs, when Stick returned home from work, Holly was sure to give him a warm, friendly greeting!

And the leaf piles that stick had so conveniently raked up were put to use! Baby chimes were heard, and baby #4 is officially a go!

And with that, I leave you guys for now! Tune in next time to see what winter has in store for the Stickly clan! :)


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